• Kristen

Knock Their Southern Socks Off, Peach and Pimento Cheese Arugula Crostinis

Peach and Pimento Cheese Arugula Crostinis

The name lives up to the taste, trust me. Try this new twist on southern staples, peaches and pimento cheese spread! No need to measure anything; it is truly the most simple recipe that will make your guests think you've been spending your weekends in culinary school.

The quantities above are estimates. I would guess it would make about 12 crostinis but that really depends on how much of each ingredient you use.



1. Slice french bread at a diagonal and toast.

2. Place thinly sliced peaches on each crostini.

3. Scoop a small amount of pimento cheese spread on each crostini.

4. Place a small salad of arugula on top of pimento cheese.

5. Drizzle Extra virgin olive oil over arugula.

6. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste over arugula.

It's basically an assembly recipe that you cannot mess up! Enjoy!